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Financial Planning With Illiquid Assets

One gauge of financial success is monitoring net worth, which isn’t always easy to do. Not many people know the value of their house, their property, their business, and their collectibles, right on the spot. On the other hand, stock market investments are valuated daily. So even though growing net worth is not exclusive to… Continue reading Financial Planning With Illiquid Assets


4 Major Questions for Owning Property Out of State

 #1-525382 So you own/or are looking to own a property that’s out of state. Maybe you are moving and deciding that instead of selling your home, you’ll rent it. Maybe you bought it for someone else, as a way of helping him or her get on his or her feet and offer financial support. Or… Continue reading 4 Major Questions for Owning Property Out of State

Wealth Transfer

Loans to Family Members: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Saying Yes

#1-504151 Sometimes those we love need financial help. Life can throw us curveballs and having friends and family to support us is a wonderful thing. But there’s a big difference between picking up the tab at dinner and writing a check for thousands upon thousands of dollars. So, if you choose to help someone out… Continue reading Loans to Family Members: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Saying Yes

Nearing Retirement, Retirement Planning

The “Early” Retirement

When it comes to planning one’s retirement, everything is relative. To say someone is retiring “early,” requires some sort of explanation or baseline for what “early” is. In the world of finance, some sort of consequence or penalty for accessing financial resources too soon often defines “early”: •    Social Security defines early retirement as age… Continue reading The “Early” Retirement


Owning Property with Someone Else

Maybe you inherited property with your sibling when Mom died. Maybe it’s your family friend, a long-term boyfriend or a committed partner. Whatever the circumstance, owning a home with an unmarried partner raises unique issues that should be dealt with before the closing. Fact is, owning real estate with people you like can become a… Continue reading Owning Property with Someone Else