5 Common Planning Mistakes You Can Easily Fix

Sometimes progress is as much about knowing what NOT to do, as it is about figuring out what to do. The path to growing wealth takes some basic building blocks, but it also requires avoiding certain mistakes along the way.  You may not think a lot about it, but small missteps can have big, negative… Continue reading 5 Common Planning Mistakes You Can Easily Fix

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Your Job Transition Financial Checklist

It’s rare for someone to work their whole career with one company anymore. So one way or another, they will go through a job transition; a period of time where their financial lives are in flux and their financial plan needs to be reevaluated. Whether a new career, a termination or a partial retirement, a… Continue reading Your Job Transition Financial Checklist

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Santa Makes a List and Checks it Twice, So Should You

Welcome to the holidays, which can be the most expensive time of the year! From thoughtful gifts for grandchildren, to gifts that say, “I love you” to a significant other, the holiday season can certainly be a financial trap. So while I typically focus these blog articles on higher level planning and investment related topics,… Continue reading Santa Makes a List and Checks it Twice, So Should You

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The “Early” Retirement

When it comes to planning one’s retirement, everything is relative. To say someone is retiring “early,” requires some sort of explanation or baseline for what “early” is. In the world of finance, some sort of consequence or penalty for accessing financial resources too soon often defines “early”: •    Social Security defines early retirement as age… Continue reading The “Early” Retirement

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Is Cash King?

Pop quiz: How much cash should you be holding? A) 3-6 months of your monthly expenses B) 1-2 years of your expected withdrawals from savings C) Cash is king -You should be 100% allocated to cash If you hold too little, you risk needing to rely on credit or having to liquidate investments. Having to… Continue reading Is Cash King?