The Three-Step Investment Proccess

Some of your investments will not work, for any number of reasons. The sooner you become OK with that fact, the more emotionally prepared you will be when it comes time to make the next important investment decision. I’m not asking you to feel OK with losing or just shrug after seeing an investment in… Continue reading The Three-Step Investment Proccess


Find Your Financial Health Fitbit

Tracking #1-540496 Find Your Financial Health Fitbit I wonder how many people in the world now own a fitbit, or some other fitness measurement device. To think of how technology has changed the world in such a short period of time. Gone are the days of having to read labels to count calories – now… Continue reading Find Your Financial Health Fitbit

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7 Reasons Why Net Worth Should Be Your Financial Health Barometer

Video #1-535590 We sometimes find it hard to get our clients to focus on the main thing. In this day in age, it’s so easy to track performance of an investment that some lose sight of the big picture. Sure, rate of return is absolutely important. But does your rate of return really tell the… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why Net Worth Should Be Your Financial Health Barometer


Is Your Financial Plan A Strategic Plan?

I was at a conference this week, where there were many different financial advisors listening to many industry leaders talk about how to give advice, what new technology is available to assist in giving advice, and what studies say about how clients want to receive this advice. Call me old fashioned, but some of this conversation… Continue reading Is Your Financial Plan A Strategic Plan?