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PERSPECTIVE for Christmas and the New Year

It’s Christmas! It’s almost the New Year! Excitement is building in our house and I hope the same for you and your loved ones, with whatever you choose to celebrate and however you are able to celebrate. Fresh off a wonderful chat with Katie McKenna, Thrivos Consulting, (please check out the podcast this week) I’m… Continue reading PERSPECTIVE for Christmas and the New Year

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer is about Control and Leverage

Wealth Transfer Planning 1 of 6 In our business of comprehensive financial planning, “wealth transfer,” “estate planning,” “legacy planning” are all different words for the same process; defining and documenting how you will pass assets to others in retirement or at death so as to have control and leverage over these decisions. So often people… Continue reading Wealth Transfer is about Control and Leverage


Cleaning Out Your Financial Garage

I cleaned out my garage last weekend. I tend to accumulate things I don’t need or don’t often use. I pile up things that should just be thrown away. I stack tools on my shelves instead of putting them back where I got them. Instead of taking an extra minute or two out of my… Continue reading Cleaning Out Your Financial Garage


ABC’s of Financial Planning

Last week we discussed some common financial planning mistakes that even financially conscientious people make. With as complicated as our financial lives can be, it’s understandable that we sometimes lose focus on the main parts of our plan and simple things end up slipping through the cracks. When you find that happening, take a step… Continue reading ABC’s of Financial Planning


Five Financial Ways to Say, “I Love You”

There are countless ways to say “I Love You” and some of them involve money and gifts. But the topic of money is probably not one of the sweet nothings that get whispered into ears on Valentine’s Day. As an advisor, I see that money can actually be the cause of friction in relationships too.… Continue reading Five Financial Ways to Say, “I Love You”