3 Steps to Prioritizing Your Decision-Making

Sometimes, it’s really hard to make decisions. The more important the decision at hand, the more likely there are multiple factors or variables that we have to consider. What’s the last big financial decision you had to make? Taking a new job? Deciding when to retire? Moving? Planning a vacation? Juggling two kids going to… Continue reading 3 Steps to Prioritizing Your Decision-Making


6 Major Problems with Self-Diagnosing your Financial Life

We live in an age where information is abundant and cheap.  How many of us read mainstream media headlines instead of seeking expert opinions and doing research?  How many times have you gone to Google or YouTube to find answers to your questions or watch a “how to” clip? This may be OK for replacing… Continue reading 6 Major Problems with Self-Diagnosing your Financial Life

Nearing Retirement, Retirement Planning

Your Retirement “Transition” Plan

Do any of the following describe you? You’ve worked at the same job with the same company for 25+ years. You aren’t ready to retire, but the job is getting old. Your work is draining, either because it’s mentally draining, physically draining or perhaps the commute is draining. You’re physically and mentally ready to retire,… Continue reading Your Retirement “Transition” Plan


Spring Cleaning

It’s been almost 7 years now that I’ve known a very sweet lady I’ll call Anna. I met her through the most unfortunate of circumstances. Her husband had passed away. Her emotional loss was compounded by her lack of understanding of her financial situation. She had never had to write a check, let alone balance… Continue reading Spring Cleaning