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5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Insurance in Retirement

Most clients of ours have made plans for their estate and documented them in their Will and through beneficiary designations on their financial accounts. This is a must, and we’re happy to help our clients check those boxes. But part of planning your estate is also about trying to balance protecting it (through insurance) and… Continue reading 5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Insurance in Retirement

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6 Key Risks to Retirement (Part 1)

For many of my clients, the topic of retirement comes with many different emotions. While it can be exciting to think about freedom of time and the lack of an alarm clock going off first thing in the morning, there are many people that carry a fair amount of anxiety when considering the financial stress… Continue reading 6 Key Risks to Retirement (Part 1)

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Your Job Transition Financial Checklist

It’s rare for someone to work their whole career with one company anymore. So one way or another, they will go through a job transition; a period of time where their financial lives are in flux and their financial plan needs to be reevaluated. Whether a new career, a termination or a partial retirement, a… Continue reading Your Job Transition Financial Checklist