Ben’s (not-so) Bold Predictions for 2020

Happy 2020 everyone! As we speed through the start of the year, a fresh beginning, a new decade and what is also an election year, I’m willing to make some predictions for you. I’m not in the game of making guesses per se [I’d rather call them “reasonable assumptions”]. But I share these predictions to… Continue reading Ben’s (not-so) Bold Predictions for 2020


Financial Planning Is Less Math and More Like A Rorschach Test

Are you familiar with the psychological testing using inkblots called the Rorschach Test? I thought about this test this week as a favorite economic commentator of mine referenced it in his weekly post. It spoke to me as more and more people have been asking me “what I think about markets” and how things will… Continue reading Financial Planning Is Less Math and More Like A Rorschach Test

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Trust is Earned, Not Given

We all know that real trust has to be earned over time through positive experiences. Especially in our world as planners, it can take several years for clients to faithfully allow us into their “Circle of Trust”. We’ve also noticed that as client relationships mature over time, meetings naturally become less frequent due to the… Continue reading Trust is Earned, Not Given

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Finding The Right Fit

I recently attended a career fair at Kutztown University on behalf of Haas Financial Group.  The event was hosted by KU’s Career Development Center for soon-to-be college grads.  As I was walking into the student center, I started to reminisce back to my junior and senior years of college at Duquesne - wondering where I… Continue reading Finding The Right Fit

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5 Tips to Help Money Last Until You’re 100

Every year I like to read the results of the “Retirement Confidence Survey” which aims to gauge the views and attitudes of working and retired Americans regarding the various aspects of retirement. Of all the questions in the survey (34), I tend to frequently quote the results of one. Of the current workers surveyed, only… Continue reading 5 Tips to Help Money Last Until You’re 100