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Financially Sandwiched Generation

For some of my clients, the “accumulation years” (namely the years just before retirement) have become a time of financial hemorrhage. Sandwiched between adult children seeking (multiple?) degrees or grounded by a lack of available jobs and aging parents needing care and support, these clients are finding themselves having to keep multiple generations afloat, often… Continue reading Financially Sandwiched Generation

Retirement Planning

Proactive Tax Planning 6 of 6

CASE STUDY: Proactive Tax Planning Strategies Over the course of the last couple weeks, we have shared several proactive tax planning strategies that one might use in planning their financial future. Today we will share an example of how one couple might implement these strategies based on their personal values, vision and wealth. This is… Continue reading Proactive Tax Planning 6 of 6


Proactive Tax Planning 4 of 6

5 Tax-Minded Reasons to Have Life Insurance We offer proactive tax planning advice in an effort to accomplish two things: reduce your taxes while you are alive, as well as after you pass away. One way to kill both those birds with one stone is through certain kinds of life insurance. That’s because of two… Continue reading Proactive Tax Planning 4 of 6

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6 Key Risks to Retirement (Part II)

Last week we discussed some key risks to retirement. Health care needs, market volatility and inflation can all have negative affects on one’s retirement confidence. Today we will discuss three more key risks to retirement, and how a plan might help combat the anxiety that comes with each risk. Longevity  You are living longer than the… Continue reading 6 Key Risks to Retirement (Part II)

Retirement Planning

5 Tips for Long- Term Care Insurance Planning

We are fielding more and more questions about long-term care insurance, which is in line with what studies show as the number one concern of retirees. You don’t have to do a lot of research or follow a lot of news to know that the costs of care have been increasing significantly over the last… Continue reading 5 Tips for Long- Term Care Insurance Planning