Retirement Planning

Part II: Congress May Have Just Changed Your Retirement Planning

Last week I shared two key ways the rules for retirement planning have just changed based on Congress passing what’s been called the “SECURE Act”. The rule changes I shared last week around distribution age and inherited IRAs can affect a broad audience. Below I share changes that I feel affect a smaller pool of… Continue reading Part II: Congress May Have Just Changed Your Retirement Planning


The Impact of Paying it Forward

My kids love to go to the park.  It doesn’t matter which park it is.  I’m pretty sure that we’ve visited every community park in the Lehigh Valley this year.  But the Kutztown Park, our park, is still our favorite.  It’s within walking distance from our house and includes a variety of equipment for all… Continue reading The Impact of Paying it Forward

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Financially Sandwiched Generation

For some of my clients, the “accumulation years” (namely the years just before retirement) have become a time of financial hemorrhage. Sandwiched between adult children seeking (multiple?) degrees or grounded by a lack of available jobs and aging parents needing care and support, these clients are finding themselves having to keep multiple generations afloat, often… Continue reading Financially Sandwiched Generation